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Comparison from the Movie TANGLED TO REAL LIFE

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Notes from Tangled


Life is a fairy tail, in everyone’s life. We are all born of the King.


In the beginning Rapunzle was bound to the wicked witch.

–       Just as we are bound to Satan in the beginning. Satan stole our right to be children of God. He keeps us locked up and ignorant as long as he can.


But then, prince charming comes alone.

–       Jesus came to save, rescue us from the evil liar, and return us back to royalty.


Rapunzle never gave up on her journey.

-Even though Satan’s lies, and obstacles that were sent her way still did not keep her from quitting and achieving her dream/Gods plan for her life.  It is important to have faith and never give up, keep on trying.


This life is a true fairy tail.

-In the end, good and evil will fight, and good will prevail till the end, and win! Although at times it seems as though we have lost, we need to remember always that the battle has already been won by the King.


Rupunzle changes the hearts of the scary men.

-A radiant childlike heart can soften the heart of man and cause him to open up.


Rupunzle’s childlike heart.

-It is important to have a child like heart and remember the important things in life. Don’t let the finer things in life get ahead of you. Rupunzle remained ignorant to the lusts of the world and looked at the deeper meanings in life.


The horse

-There will be helpers along the way that will be sent to you.


Rupunzles hair that glows and heals when she sings

-In the same way, when we worship the Father, His glory will shine through you and heal those who are in need. Shine your light.


The sun.

-The sun represents the Father and purple and gold represent royalty.


Opening up between Rapunzzle and Flin (Eugine)

-When you open up to someone you become vulnerable in getting hurt, but once you open up, the other person sees how you really are. They will be open with you and a true friendship can begin.



Being fooled at the end that Eugene had left her.

-The devil will always try to trick and fool you into something that is not true. Beware and stay firm to what you know is true that is hidden away in your heart. Do not be deceived!


In the end Eugine repented and his heart was softened.

-There are some people who may seem like bad people in the beginning, but true genuine love can break that and open up the truth to who they are; so they no longer have to live in a lie. Once they see how they truly are, they will repent and fall in love with LOVE (God).


In a way, I have always felt in me that I am living a fairy tail. In me, I have felt that this life has been one of the greatest stories of all time. I only say this because this is the story of God. We were born into royalty but Satan tried to snatch it away. The Prince of Peace, Jesus came to save and rescue us. If we take his hand and leave the tower we have been bound to, we can be free and united back with our Family. We are all born as royals, don’t let the witch fool you into thinking you need to stay alone in the castle.


I have also felt as though I was supposed to marry a king, or a prince. And he will choose me out of all of the other girls. My destiny has always had Royalty engraved in it.




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September 11, 2011 at 5:15 AM

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