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A Key: My Realization About LIFE

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Alright so I just woke up this morning with a proofed revelation which I am sure I have heard many times before ebut this time it sunk in juuustt a little bit more!

“Seek the Kingdom of God and all else shall be added unto you.”

So many of us are always seeking for ourselves. When can i get this or have this or fix this about me or do this etc… but if we just focus our minds of Christ and our relationship with him, then all shall be added unto us! WOW! Isn’t that AMAZING!!!! Its so crazy and simple how can we always miss that. Our minds should be focus on sharing the love of Christ with others, saving souls, sharing the gospel. Not when am I getting my next audition, or when are they going to accept me. Or my next paycheck. These are all TEMPORARY DISTRACTIONS to keep our minds focused on other things besides the kingdom.

What is the kingdom?? The kingdom is eternal, everlasting, never fading! Our focus should be on the prize of life at the end not on temporary dwellings people. Time to change and live for the one and only not ourselves anymore!

“I no longer count on my own righteousness through obeying the law; rather, I become righteous through FAITH in Christ. For Gods WAY of making us right with himself depends on FAITH. ” Philippians 3:9

My perfection is not in obeying the commandments of the law but in the righteousness of Christ!

My focus is on HIM and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS and how I have been redeemed by the blood and now I am free!

So many people of this world focus on themselves and hwot o fix themselves or deal with their imperfections and their sins. But NOTHING CAN FIX IT only JESUS can wipe them all away. The gospel is true and real, and if we could only just share with with those who are around us willing to listen. THIS IS WHAT our focus should be on!! Everything else passes away!! Let God add those things to you which you desire in due time they will come for He gives you the desires of your heart. But YOU focus on the enteral glory of what is to come and how to serve the kingdom!!Learn to be content in what you have and instead of grabbing constantly for more. Be happy for what you have, learning that your full satisfaction lies in the truth of Christ himself not earthy satisfactions for those will all fade away.

REPENT- turn your minds away from your idols and look to CHrist and glorify Him!!!!!!


What do you OBSESS OVER?!! WHAT IS YOUR OBSESSION, which you can not stop thinking about no matter how hard you try, it re-enters your mind over and over and over. Is it a person? someone as the opposite sex as you? or perhaps the same sex? or is it a job, money, material things such as a house, a car, clothes. WHAT DO YOU OBSESS OVER?? What do you have to have? What is your DAILY FIX, each day that YOU CAN NOT LIVE without!?!- That is your Idol my friend. That is your God. Will that possession bring you salvation, love, truth, just as CHrist has?! What will this idol give you? That Christ can not?? What are you looking to from this thing… perhaps validation in your life of some sort, or a craving of the flesh in order to fulfill the lust of the flesh? Find the root of this manifestation of your life and let it go. be free and focus your minds on the living God. Once you are free from sin look to God to fill you up with his everlasting love.

“The only thing you can take with you to heaven is souls”- Sid Roth


Written by knowyourcreator

February 6, 2014 at 12:03 AM

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