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being on TV, dr. nassir sidiki (preacher), horrible birthday party, some girls flight

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1 ok so i had a dream that i was walking out of this place in Florida. and i saw dr, siddki and i was tapped him and i was like hey!!! i remember u!! u spoke a few days ago in california. He was on vacation with his family. He didn’t remember me, but because i reintroduced myself then he did. i figured this happened because i needed him to remember me since i was sending him his letter. After he went inside I saw his car. His car was a white BIG Bently. It had 3 big long seats in the car or in the back. His trunk was open and someone i know shut it, i forget who.

you need to write him a letter saying how you feel. this message was to warn you that he does not remember who you are and you need to make yourself know to him so that he remembers. the gently simpolizes his money status and how he feels about his money. He was with his family showing that he a family oriented man and care much about his family. his trunk was open to show u that he has some parts of his live open to the world which shouldn’t me. You need to warn him of this. I will give you words to write to him. 🙂

Then i was with some girl and friends in the hills. We were hanging out and we needed to hurry cuz this girl was going to miss her flight if she didn’t. so i told the person this girl will miss her flight if i don’t leave now. something about hanging out with friends in the hills and someone missing their flight if we stayed there too long. Girl was with her family, and her mom was telling her to be on time. kinda reminded me of jenny csengody. I think this girl might be laura not sure.

This dream is yes, about laura, you need to guide her in the right direction. her parents are trying to help her but they can only do so much. they are trying to guide her but she is being rellious and wanting to live in the world of gliz and glamour. you must pull her out of the limelight of what she is search for and show her the way out. You need to show her the right direction before she misses her flight! You must not hold her back from what she needs to do and support her and push her in the right direction!! Guide her and direct her in the right direction Petra. Her time is short, she needs to make the right choices NOW.

Then i had a dream i had a birthday party and i invited all these people that were not that close to me. Angelo was there and he was like why did u invite them then if they r not doing what u want.. they rnt even ur friends, y didn’t u invite angel and rick n them? i had to take care of the party and monitor everything and it was annoying and not fun!

beware of who you let in close to you. There are some friends that you have that are not really your friends. You need to make sure that the friends you keep close to you are really your friends and not some people who really don’t care about you. This is a warning to the future. Stay on guard Petra.

Then I had a dream that i was on a TV show and i got there by God had obviously. it was like so unreal that i got a part in the show cuz i was such a bad actress, bc i don’t even act!! But they put me on anyway. Then we recorded the show and after i had all these people knowing who i was! Someone showed me they made youtube clips about me from the show. and i was like wow i am really bad at acting and they like this!??! geezzz. then this lady came up to take my picture and i posed and she’s like mono. relax.. she didn’t even say it she demonstrated it and then i relaxed and had my sunglasses on to keep eye contact out of the way. at first i was going to take them off but then she was like keep them on, i think she did this to help me with me photo since i struggle with eye contact. then she loosed me up and i did well! i was like wow! i need your card!! and then i had to leave!

This symbolizes your career in the entertainment industry. You present yourself as a model but u nail something else which is not in your field. I give your this opportunity to choose between 2 paths. this symbolizes your career in entertainment. It shows where you are going and where I will put you. There will be people to help you with modeling along the way. The tv show represents you getting into the industry without even trying by My hand. I will show you the direction to go. Dorrs will open up in front of you you never thought u would have. Acting is a symbolic representation of doors you never thought u would have opened to you. You see your talent as undeveloped and needing more work but the world will see your success.


Written by knowyourcreator

August 18, 2012 at 11:48 PM

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