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dream about over hearing a phone call with josh and guy talking bad about me

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Alright so I had this dream that I was standing there with some 2 other girls and I pick up the phone and I over hear Josh is talking to some guy on line one. and I over hear and they r talking about me and the guy was just talking a lot saying almost like I was an animal or something and that I was dangerous or like a different type or something weird. and that I can’t be trusted etc etc etc and Josh was just agreeing with it all…

Then one of the girls grabs the phone from me and hangs it up and is like common lets go! Then Im like DUDE they r hanna know someone was listening! and they were talking about me!! and she was like oops. Then I wanted to hear more and I saw the buttons on my cell phone and I wanted to press to hear, but then Jason walked by and I had to put it down.

Then the girl who hung up on me was out of control and she was acting really mean. Then she like runs into this other room all crazy and I’m like this is her when I don’t like her in this phase. and we were all going to get food or something and I was about to tell her to meet us there or whatever. We were in like a broken down futuristic city.

Then I walked into this room full of people but I did not recognize one person then I saw anna bohn from afar and I was like follow here. Then I saw the sign in tables and I walk by and these guys have the sign in list and as I walk by I am at the top of the list but scribbled out!! and I’m like ohh gee they can’t find out its me. so I go to the information table and I am talking to this skinny guy with glasses. and I realized he was the one who was talking bad about me to Josh over the phone. He was a know it all smart pants. He was nice to me because he didn’t know who I was. Then as I was leaving I pushed back the chair at the table and the guy was like nonono like this!! and shows me, and I was like wow perfectionist issues. Then I bed down on the ground to the left away from him and see these books on the floor for sale and I saw one and its how men manipulate women and Im like oh God I want to read this please can I have it! and then I just flip through and I see different stories and it s referenced through cats and dogs and it was a children’s type book.

This dream is symbolic of you at work. The dream symbolizes gossip behind your back with the managers but when you over hear you realize that this is not who you are. The phone conversation represents the spirit of perfection communicating with the spirit of judgement. When you show up to the table and ur name is mark off it symbolizes that you are not accepted or welcomed. You quickly move over to the table where the information is to seek and find what went wrong, when you realize it is the spirit of perfection you immediately look downward to find information on the spirit of manipulation behind it all. Man dominating women in authority figures, showing manipulation to gain power and athority.

Stand up for yourself Petra and all is well. The managers will see who you truly are when you do this! They will know you are a child of the living God by the authority and power that will come out of your mouth. You will gain respect and honor and begin to be appreciated for your true self and find yourself in more freedom that you ever thought you would ever be in! 🙂

This test will help you recognize your weak points and help you stand up for yourself. You are ready and will take a stand when someone tries to keep you in the dog house. Do not let Eiji treat you poorly because you are a daughter of God and you demand respect!! Do not let him manipulate you and fool you into thinking you are doing something wrong when you are not! Do not give in to the spirit of intimidation and all is well 🙂 Good job!

It just shows the hostess and how they act when they are off of work etc. When they are around you they act differently as they would outside of work. They have 2 different personalities.


Written by knowyourcreator

March 22, 2014 at 9:28 PM

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