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DREAM nov/29/2011-to people that see the number 444

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The night before i asked God to reveal to me something about myself.

So i had this dream…

I had this dream that i was with this girl and she was ganna give me a test. She said it was about who i am and was going to give me my number pattern.

I said ok not thinkin much of it. Then she asked me questions down the line and i was like, no, no, no, then finally we came to a question where it says your value of treasure lyes in heaven and not the treasure here on earth. and then i knew instantly that was me. Then she was like ok your number then is… and i stopped her and said.. but wait.. i value truth above all else and like to find truth as my treasure. and she was like ok so that wouldnt make ur number 4+4 but 4+4+4 and she added the math and got 5. (which to me means death. and gave me the possible thought that i might be a martyr one day)  then i was like okok my number is 444 i see that number everywhere thats my number lets not focus on the number 5.

my number in real life is 444.. i see it everywhere.


Written by knowyourcreator

November 29, 2011 at 8:31 PM

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